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Aretha McCarthy

Founder/President of DevelopMe Youth


Who We Are

Dedicated to Enriching the Lives of Youth

DevelopME Youth is a holistic non-profit organization that promotes longevity among black youth and their communities. Our goal is to build and educate youth with the necessary life skills so they have the resources to become resilient in dealing with day-to-day challenges and have equal opportunities to become successful. Our team ensures a safe and non-judgmental space for black youth within our communities to have a voice and speak on vital issues they face throughout their lives.  We provide support to high-risk communities and give youth the opportunity to learn more about living a productive lifestyle. Not only do we try our best to foster the needs of our young communities in the best way, but we are also committed to community welfare and giving back, this is why there is a strong need for our organization.  We are happy to be the driving force behind the successes of our children while raising awareness in unjustly racial inequalities and equal economic opportunities. Our young communities need effective support that encourages them in their academic achievement, physical and mental well-being, economical growth, and living a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. 


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