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"Unity to be real must stand the severest strain without breaking."- Mahatma Gandhi

Sadly, we are living in a world that is divided and it seems that we are more divided from one another these days more than ever; wether politically religiously, family, friends etc,; we need to acknowledge that if we cannot come together on even the closest of our relationships, how do we expect to find kindness and common ground towards each other?

We can learn a great deal from the unity we create in our relationships that we can translate to many other parts of our lives. If we learn to practice a sense of togetherness we can start to see that we cannot be separated in interest or divided in purpose when we stand together until the end. Martin Luther King Jr. said "We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools. We have to understand that true unity is experienced and strived for in a number of ways which sometimes manifest in a slow and patient commitment to rebuild what has been broken. Regardless, we must aim for togetherness in life, this will make the world a better place.

Sending love, compassion, empathy, peace, abundance, happiness, joy, health, wealth, prosperity and everything your heart desires each day, each week, each month and the full year of 2021 as we push the word "Unity" in this broken world!

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