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Black History In The Present

What does Black History mean to you?

Black history has been celebrated in very repetitive ways over the years learning about political figures from the past that have truly paved the way for our generation to accelerate through adversity. Have we been living up to the standards of the hard work of Martin Luther King, or Harriet Tubman, how about Rosa Parks? This generation is transforming into a whole other genre of community leaders, advocates and entrepreneurs.

Throughout this pandemic, the black community has really come alive despite all the recent disparity, hardships and mental health struggles that have been highlighted not only in this country, but worldwide. It's truly our time to create unity among us and refuse to let past and present discrimination hold us back from greatness. That is exactly what we are.... resilient and we also have the agility to recreate our communities all with a few key ingredients.

We need to start supporting one another in ways that not only help ourselves but rather help our communities so that we can begin to see black businesses thrive, create more young entrepreneurs, support our youth so they they learn leadership and understand that they can become whoever and whatever they strive to be!

Let's begin our path to resilience, let's start today!

Happy Black History Month!

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