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Shaping the Future of Our Youth



DevelopME Youth is happy to be the driving force behind the successes of our children while raising awareness of unjust racial inequalities and equal economic opportunities. Our young communities need effective support that encourages them in their academic achievement, physical and mental well-being, and economic growth while living a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. 

Get to Know Us

We are committed to giving youth and their families the tools they need to reach the next level of achievement, service, and success in their communities, despite the changing demographics and rising mental health and safety concerns. By helping them build on their strengths so they can become caring, passionate people with the energy to be real champions.

Our Vision is to provide a community where youth can receive the best support that aids in overcoming adversity through the development and implementation of personalized step-by-step programs, preparing them for future success.

Our Partner

Government of Ontario

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Eva’s Initiatives for Homeless Youth

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The Mom Inc.


YWCA Ontario

Zero Gun Violence  Movement logo_edited.

Communities for Zero Violence

Motion Ball

One Mic Educators

Beauty Forever

Our Funders

Canada Summer Job

City of Toronto

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